Contract Law

Offer and Acceptance (Email Acceptance)

3000 word essay discussing whether email acceptance should follow the 'postal rule' or 'instantaneous communication' rule. UG 1st class (75%).

Consideration and Part Payment of Debt

7,000 word dissertation discussing the June 2016 Court of Appeal case MWB v Rock which appears to cast doubt on the rule that practical benefit is not enough to support a promise to accept less/part payment. UG 1st (82%) - UNSUBMITTED

Do we need consideration?

5000 word essay discussing whether English law should abandon the requirement of consideration, especially for modifications. UG 1st (74%).

Answering Problem Questions on Offer and Acceptance

5000 word document which outlines every type of exam and coursework question you might get in the field of offer and acceptance in contract law.

Answering Problem Questions on Consideration

5000 word document with examples of the different type of question you may get for coursework and exams in the field of consideration. Includes formation agreements as well as modifications e.g. agreements to pay more for the same, or part payment of debt.

Answering Problem Questions on Promissory Estoppel

5000 word document on how to address a problem question which includes an issue relating to promissory estoppel. Model answers on what to include to 1st class level.