Law Dissertation Marking Service

Some students do not get the support they need during the research and writing process. Their supervisor may be busy or your university may not allow students to submit drafts.

Our marking service is extremely popular and involves an expert in the area of your dissertation reading and marking your work and producing an in-depth report to help improve your work as well as provide you with an estimate of the grade you are likely to receive.

Representative Pricing


Undergraduate Level

(7 Day Service)
  •  £450 per 10,000 words


Masters / LLM Level

(7 Day Service)
  • £550 per 10,000 words

This Service Includes:

  • A dedicated expert in your area.
  • A full report providing an estimated grade and in-depth feedback against 8 different criteria.
  • A plagiarism and similarity check.
  • Ideas for improvement.
  • Proofreading; checking for spelling and grammar errors

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