Starting Law at Degree Level

(available throughout the UK)

Students who are new to law often feed back to us that there is a considerable jump from secondary school to law school. There are new ways of assessing students and law students are expected to develop excellent research skills. Students might be new to the idea of analysing case law, legislation or journal articles.

Our workshop will cover the building blocks of becoming effective on your law degree from day one. Workshops run for 4 hours at a date and time of your choosing and we can provide workshops throughout the UK. All prices include the cost of venue hire.


Please note that our workshops can only run with a minimum of three and maximum of twelve students. The price per person will be reduced the more students can attend.


Monday - Friday

(9am - 5pm)
  • From £99 per person (based on 12 Students attending)


Out Of Hours

(Evenings, Weekends & Bank Holidays)
  • From £149 per person (based on 12 Students attending)

The workshop will cover

  • Answering law problem questions
  • Answering law essay questions
  • Effective referencing at degree level
  • Introducing research databases such as Westlaw, LexisNexis and Heinonline

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